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Non-ferrous metals will go up in the second quarter

18 March 2013
Non-ferrous metals will go up in the second quarter

Non-ferrous metals, whose prices on the world trading

sites last months show their lower bounds or just «treading water»

in side trends away from areas of high profitability level, will

gradually go up. This opinion was expressed by analysts of the British company «Barclays

Plc» is the largest player on the global Finance market with a wide net of offices

all over the world. «Descending vectors of graphs on non-ferrous metals exhausted

energy, and with the II

quarter about these resources with a high degree of probability

to predict uncertain, but, nevertheless, expressive movement in the direction

appreciation» — say the representatives of the British conglomerate.

The experts at Barclays said that the projected

the jump in consumer interest in products of nonferrous metallurgy from

Chinese buyers, most likely, will not. «Automakers and

manufacturers of home automation from China will continue to expand

procurement of non-ferrous metals. However, because of the decision of the Chinese government to revise the scope

infrastructure investment and the slowdown in the Chinese market

real estate, operators of the sector can only rely on a gradual

(and not dynamic) market recovery," say the specialists of the British

of the company.

A similar opinion was expressed by the experts of another major financial

structure that tracks quotes of the lots in the commodity funds — a German multinational

the company «Deutsche Bank». In particular, experts from Germany stated: «Neutral

traffic graphs on the prices of non-ferrous metals may soon be replaced

insignificant growth of quotations caused by wave coating positions. However, the long-awaited

the Chinese influence on the movement of graphs (in the framework of the replenishment of

consumers China), apparently, is not as bright as expected


Meanwhile, the current — on 18.03.2013 year — weighted average

the prices of basic non-ferrous metals (according to the analysis of quotations of the leading world stock exchanges)

are as follows: aluminium — 1978 U.S. dollars per tonne, Nickel — 16686 $., copper

— 7578; tin — 23150; zinc — lead and 1984 2095 USD per ton.

17 March 2013
19 March 2013