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Theological aluminum plant will continue to work

7 March 2013
Theological aluminum plant will continue to work

Despite the economic difficulties accompanying

aluminum industry the last few months, «Theological aluminum plant» (though

in terms of some restructuring) will continue to work. The «Base»

said management representatives «Rusala», who recently met with

the workforce.

In particular, in his conversation with workers of the enterprise Alexey

Arnautov (head of the Department of «West» of the company «Russian aluminum») said: «Production

aluminum at the Bogoslovsky plant is economically inefficient, and, unfortunately, this enterprise

inhibits the development of your company. Due to obsolete equipment and low

market prices for the products of „Base“ electricity required for melting

metal doesn’t pay. We expected that our suppliers since the beginning of the year

reduce the cost of electricity for the whole plant. However, the tariffs were reduced

only for part of the capacity of the enterprise (this is the 6th series of electrolysis). And for

other production sites energy costs even increased. So

the company’s management decided to stop production at least

profitable plots (this is hull No. 3 and No. 4) and to convert part of the rest of the shops

for the release of new products (with higher added value)».

In addition, Mr. Arnautov once again

focused attention of the staff on the fact that the management of «RUSAL»

ready to ensure employees stop capacity «Theological aluminum

plant» worthy substitute «their» jobs. «Now there is a vacancy in the alumina

unit of the enterprise, and is set in the service departments of the company.

In addition, experienced personnel are required to work on „Boguchany AZ“, which

will start to produce this year, as well as other new businesses

company» — said at a meeting with the factory workers, the representative of the management of «RUSAL».

"Theological aluminum plant" — one of 55 branches

group «Russian aluminium», located in the city of Krasnoturinsk

Sverdlovsk region, RF the Main products of the company are alumina (more than 1

million tons per year) and primary aluminum (approximately 180 thousand tons per year)

the production of which involved about 4,000 people. In structure «Rusala» «BAZ»

included in the spring 2007.

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