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Analysts expect the increase in imports of stainless steel sheet from Asian countries

8 March 2013
Analysts expect the increase in imports of stainless steel sheet from Asian countries

According to analysts of the Association «Russian Union

Suppliers of Steel products» in the coming year, the quantity imported into Russia flat

stainless steel rolled products from Asian manufacturers will continue the growing trend.

«At least, this assumption is true for HC sheet

stainless steel. Her use more and more domestic enterprises operating

imported cars: for that purpose, local producers can not offer

decent quality alternatives privetnomu metal» — experts say russp.

«Of course, the situation can adjust at the government level (as

it was, for example, with imports of corrosion-resistant tubes in the past year). But

if we consider that the domestic producers of stainless steel are not planning

to respond to growing demand in the segment of cold-rolled sheet,

the likelihood of increased volumes of purchases of this metal from the leaders

supply (Asia) remains very high» — comment your forecast

The «Union Of Suppliers».

According to the Association «SpecStal», for the entire sector

stainless steel Russia in the past year was characterized by a decline in imports (for

comparison with 2011). In particular, during this period the country was

imported 233,4 thousand tons of corrosion-resistant steel, which is 4.5%

less pozaproshlogodnie indicator. So the share of imports of seamless stainless steel tubes

decreased by 5.7%, the number of imported welded pipes fell by 12.7%, and

the volume of foreign supplies of primary billets and grades (which are not

touched the famous «anti-dumping quotas 2012») decreased by as much as 16.7 and

28.3% respectively. Against this background, the growth of import of flat steel

(albeit by a slight 1.8 percent — according to analysts of «special steel») looks

very eloquent.

7 March 2013
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