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Volgograd plant of special steels being tested by the Aviation register

16 February 2013
Volgograd plant of special steels being tested by the Aviation register

Metallurgical plant «Red October» (Russia,

Volgograd) — the largest producer of special steels market in the CIS — is

check the Aviation register of the Interstate aviation Committee. The Commission organized the leadership

enterprises in the procedure of obtaining a certificate giving the holder the right

to produce critical parts for civil aircraft.

In the process of inspection, the Commission held

on the production capacity of the plant and visited the site of the control

trials, which assessed the quality management system at the enterprise, checked

compliance with the metrological standards, conducted an analysis of the various shops of the plant

for compliance with the requirements of the precision manufacture of materials for aircraft construction.

After around 3 days of checking, the Commission sent the materials inspection in the division

accreditation by the Aviation register.

Here documents check, and, if so, will give the plant the appropriate


The aviation register of the Interstate aviation

Committee — international (12 CIS countries) non-governmental organization

which monitors the implementation of changes in the design of aircraft, monitors the compliance of

these adjustments to the requirements of the technical documentation, the standards of reliability and safety regulations

for aircraft. The structure is organized in 1991 instead of the previously worked in

this direction of the organization «Gosavianadzor USSR» ceased

existence after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The factory «Red October» — the largest operator metallurgical

market of Russia — was founded in 1897. During world war II the plant was

completely destroyed, but a few months after that, the plant resumed

production. Already in the 80-ies of the last century, the power plant could annually produce

about 2 million tonnes of special grades, but after the collapse of the USSR, the average annual

production figures decreased significantly. However, now the plant produces

about 1/3 of the total stainless steel market in Russia and produces more than 3000 varieties

rental of 900 different brands of metal — carbon and alloy tool,

spring-spring, structural, heat-resistant, bearing steel and other

alloys for special purposes.

13 February 2013
16 February 2013