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At the GOK Mikheevskogo copper Deposit set flotation and grinding equipment

16 February 2013
At the GOK Mikheevskogo copper Deposit set flotation and grinding equipment

On GOK Mikheevskogo porphyry copper-gold

field crews of installers have begun the installation phase of the flotation machines (equipment

to separate the components of crude ore) and components gyratory crushing

machine (machine for grinding rocks). This is the next stage (and is already one of

final) on the way to the commissioning of large-scale projects of the Russian

industry mining and mineral processing.

Miheevskoye field is among the 50

the largest deposits of copper in the world, and mine, built on its base (one of the most powerful

in Russia), will process about 18 million tons of copper ore a year with the release of

up to 270 thousand tons 22% concentrate. The described field is located in

The Varna district of Chelyabinsk region (about 250 kilometers from the regional center). Stocks

ore of the red metal in the bowels of the land, according to preliminary estimates, amount to

400 million tons. In addition to copper land Mikheevskogo fields contain

a certain amount of precious metals — gold and silver.

Implementing the project, ZAO «Russian copper company» (Ekaterinburg)

— one of the largest suppliers of copper Russian (with a share of about 20%) and

the world (about 1%) of the market of nonferrous metals. Work on the project organization

started back in 2009. Running the same capacity of the GOK in operation management planned

at the end of 2013. «Machine „Metso Minerals“ (crushing equipment) have already been delivered

to the place of installation, and „Outotec“ (supplier of flotation) will perform the entire volume

their obligations no later than may of the current year» — commented the course of the installation

one of the managers of the project — Alexander Lukyanov. «So, we plan to finish

the installation according to the plans» — adds a representative of copper


Today the copper factory employs about 700 workers

construction specialties. After the start of Mining, the company will

to work about the same number of employees, some of which the user

«Russian copper company» has already begun to recruit from residents of nearby communities


16 February 2013
19 February 2013