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The court once again rejected the claim of Norilsk Nickel for commodities

13 February 2013
The court once again rejected the claim of Norilsk Nickel for commodities

The Moscow arbitration court after the hearing

held in the beginning of the week, rejected the claim of representatives of MMC

«Norilsk Nickel» to an employee of the Federal Agency for subsoil use (FAN)

Russia. This time we are talking about the claims asserted by the company’s lawyers in

against decisions of the competition Committee «of the Committee» on the implementation of the rights

the development of the Deposit «Norilsk-1» (the southern part). Thus,

judge of the capital confirmed that the contest to determine the licensee’s production

Nickel, copper and cobalt on the above-mentioned land held in June 2012

year was held the Fan under the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the winner

event «Artel starateley Amur» — was established by Commission fair.

However, in the government of Russia, these results are still not approved

therefore, market analysts do not consider the decision of the Metropolitan court final

with the victory of «the Farm».

The Deposit «Norilsk-1» (part three

the largest deposits of the Taimyr Peninsula) is geographically in

Krasnoyarsk Krai of the Russian Federation. The bowels of the land was investigated by geologists

in the nineteenth


however, the presence of rich Nickel and copper ore in the region was established only in the 20's

years of the last century, and the construction of a plant for the extraction of these resources

started only in 1935. According to preliminary data, in the southern part of «Norilsk-1»

contains more than 370 thousand tons of copper, about 270 thousand tons of Nickel, about 12,000

tons of cobalt and more than 500 kilograms of platinum group metals. In addition,

the area of possible extraction of lead, zinc, mercury, iron ore, coal, and nonmetallic

resources, coal, gas and oil.

As mentioned above, the «Committee» held a tender

the plot in the middle of summer last year. Part in the fight for the asset, then

took two players in the commodity market — «Norilsk Nickel» and «Gang» of GK

«Russkaya Platina», which, according to the results of the contest and went to the field. However

the losing side refused to accept defeat, and lawyers «Norilsk Nickel»

sent a package of claims in a number of instances, with a request to consider the lawfulness

solutions FAN. In the Russian Government were also sent letters with a request to «restore

justice» in the «Norilsk-1», where it was decided to defer

the outcome of the contest is «to ascertain all the circumstances of the case».

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