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Norsk Hydro ASA will carry raw materials for the production of aluminium from Brazil

21 February 2013
Norsk Hydro ASA will carry raw materials for the production of aluminium from Brazil

Raw materials for the production of aluminium — alumina and bauxite —

the company «Norsk Hydro ASA» (Oslo, Norway) will buy for their Asian

plants in Brazil. «We've tried (small scale) to deliver ore to

our capacity in China from South America at the end of last year," says

the decision of management to adjust the supply chain Executive Director

Norwegian enterprise Svein Richard Brandtzaeg. «We then decided

cooperation with Brazilian suppliers of bauxite and alumina very best,

we see positive prospects of such purchases today," — said the head of «Hydro».

Earlier in the international specialized media reported that

in IV

quarter of 2012, the aluminum division «Norsk Hydro ASA» managed effectively

to optimize the chain of production-distribution (mainly according to

representatives of the organization — due to the supply of alumina and bauxite from

Brazilian mining companies). So on the official website of the organization

that were in III

quarter of last year, the aluminum company suffered losses in the amount of NOK 19 million.

(NOK). And in the next quarters of the year (when was organized

pilot delivery of ores from South America), despite the absence of positive

dynamics in sales, the company received a profit of $ 138 million.

«Despite the surplus, the global aluminum market in China is still

there is a lack of bauxite and alumina. To compensate for this factor

we have to buy raw materials in Brazil, and we’ll do it as long as these

deliveries will be economically viable," — said the representatives of the Norwegian

the Corporation today.

«Norsk Hydro ASA» — one of the largest players

world market of non-ferrous metals and hydrocarbons. Main

specialization of the company — production of gas, oil and aluminium production (in this

industry «Hydro» among the three leaders on volumes of production of finished products).

Organization’s business covers more than 40 countries in the world where the enterprises of the Corporation

has about 22000 employees. Annual revenue ranges

the range of 10−15 billion dollars.

20 February 2013
23 February 2013