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Non-ferrous metals in the near future will rise in price

20 February 2013
Non-ferrous metals in the near future will rise in price

Non-ferrous metals will not go up in the near future.

This opinion was expressed by analysts of the brokerage company «Phillip Futures» — American

branch of one of the world’s biggest office brokers «by Phillip capital Australia».

In particular, its representative — market expert Coeur

Chun Yang in an interview with reporters, said: «Investment funds now

more interested to work with commodities, and securities. In

view of this, the interest in non-ferrous metals (from the point of view of capital investment for

his multiplication) operators of stock exchanges significantly went pale. In addition,

Asian trading floors — instead of the expected rush on the occasion of the end

Chinese new year celebrations — any bright activity in the past few days not

was observed. These trends may indicate that the dynamics

development of China’s economy is likely to continue the tradition in 2012 (with a relatively

at a moderate rate of progress). In this regard, we can assume that in

short term, very large contracts from the PRC should be expected.

Therefore, other players in the market will likely take a wait and see position

why prices on non — ferrous metals- with high probability — will

adhere to the actual exchange rate today (without pronounced

„bullish“ or „bearish“ trends) and there will be even more prone to depreciation,

than the price».

The position of the experts «Phillip Futures» share and

other analysts of the market of nonferrous metals. So the expert of «INTL FCStone» (new York)

Edward Meyer noted that operators of trading platforms in China returned to work

places without a positive attitude, and such an atmosphere will surely occur

some time. «Except for the lack of optimism among Chinese traders, prospects

the development of the market of non-ferrous metals holding back macroeconomic indicators for the EU

and America, which is still far from stability» — commented

American analyst.

However, experts believe that «clearance» for the sector

non-ferrous metals is not far off. For example, experts from the financial

conglomerate Deutsche Bank believe that the depressed market Outlook will change

on rosy predictions very soon. In their opinion, copper prices, Nickel,

aluminum and other resources will begin to confidently move to high levels in



this year.

19 February 2013
21 February 2013