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Kingash Nickel project released new details

19 February 2013
Kingash Nickel project released new details

In the Russian mass media appeared

new details regarding the development of events around the Kingash Nickel project

— joint development UK «Intergeo» and administration of Krasnoyarsk Krai in

the construction in the region of a powerful complex for mining and processing of cobalt-copper-Nickel

ore. According to specified data, construction work on the site of the future Mining

will start in the next year, commissioning is scheduled for 2017

year, and a full load capacity of project managers do not expect

later than 2022.

«The project is so massive that to compare it in terms of the

the finished product can only Norilsk Nickel manufactures and

copper» — describe the plans for the construction of representatives of mining

company «Kingash». «Here — with concentrator — will annually go

more than 530 thousand tons of copper-Nickel concentrate» — says the figure of the head of the service

customers of the organization — Galina Kulakova. «Therefore, despite a decent

the amount of investment needed to run the capacity of the local Treasury

budget will quickly feel the positive aspect of the presence of such a large

enterprise. Only in the first decade of tax payments on assets of kingashskaya

the project will make more than 58 billion rubles. In addition, the extraction and processing of

non-ferrous metals will be in demand almost 2000 people that the economy of the region,

shortages of highly profitable companies is a big plus» — concluded

the representative of management of Kingashskaya GRK.

Described above the complex for mining and processing of cobalt-copper-Nickel

ore will consist of several decentralized facilities. In particular, raw materials,

produced in three quarries Kingash ore cluster, will be the primary

the processing cycle of a mining and processing factory, located in

the immediate vicinity of the Deposit (in the Sayan district). Then

a concentrated mass will be sent to the metallurgical plant, which

will be built in the framework of the project in Zelenogorsk. And at this company

enriched raw material to be smelt expensive and demanded by the market colored

metals — copper (about 15 thousand tons per year) and Nickel (45 thousand tonnes).

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