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In CRU has estimated the volume of production of stainless steel in 2012

15 January 2013
In CRU has estimated the volume of production of stainless steel in 2012





London, United Kingdom) summarized the results of last year volumes

the stainless steel production on a global scale. As shown

statistics English analysts, numbers, 2012 only slightly

exceeded pozaproshlogodnie indicators. So for the last 12 months in the world

produced 34.2 million tons of stainless metal, which is only 2.5% more

than in the same period of 2011.

According to the observations of experts CRU, the fastest in 2012

«gaining momentum» South African metallurgists. During the reporting time period from

production capacity of this region was obtained by 18.2% stainless

steel more than last year. In the second position in the growth of production

corrosion-resistant metal in the «Commodities Research Unit» was the Asian producers

gained +3.7% compared to last year’s figures. Close the list of British analysts

American and European manufacturers, whose data showed

a negative trend (-1,2% and -1.6%, respectively).


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11 January 2013
15 January 2013