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"Trubodetal" summed up the results of years of investment

18 January 2013

The Trubodetal plant (United

metallurgical company, Chelyabinsk) has summed up the results of 2012. According to

reports of the rapporteurs, for the last 12 months, the company’s management implemented

more than 50 investment projects with a total cost of about 600 million rubles.

According to representatives of factory, the most important for life «Trubodetal» event

was the completion of commissioning of equipment for production of bends

taps from stainless and alloyed steels metal casting «


Equipment, which in a press release

Chelyabinsk plant has a dominant position, was commissioned

in the past month. This is the line of pressing details for angular connections of pipes with a diameter of

57−114 mm, used for arrangement of engineering communications on

petrochemical and nuclear energy. «Previously

deformation of pipeline fittings (SDT) stainless steel

the plant used the hot technology advance, which required much

a lot of energy," explained the economic feasibility of modernization

equipment Ruslan Shayakhmetov, who led the work on the start line. «In addition to

on new technologies for the production of taps required is much less

metal (than for the manufacture of compounds with similar sizes on the old

equipment). Of course, it positively affects the overall cost

the finished product, and thus on the competitiveness of enterprises»

— added the main project Manager.

17 January 2013
21 January 2013