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Metal rolling

9 January 2013
Metal rolling

By definition

«Rolled metal» means a wide range of metal materials, range

Which includes the following items: profiled sheet, reinforcement,

Beam, square and round pipes, channel, square, circle, hexagon

And other metal elements.

Stainless steel is considered extremely

Reliable material because of its ability not to be corroded by various

Kind for many years.

Now let's talk about the types of rolled metal. Before

In total, rolled metal, which today can be bought in any

Profile company, differs depending on the type of production. it

Hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal. The prices for the products of these two

Varieties of production are almost identical.

Hot-rolled metal sheet is produced by

Method of heating the metal, as well as carrying material through the shaft system,

Forming the desired shape of the metal. This method is produced for the most part

Sheet metal.

Cold-rolled metal is created without

Application of the process of heating the metal, and by etching, after which the material also

Passes through a system of shafts that give shape, and almost

Finished product.

For any of the above production methods

Rolled metal products pass the final processing to give

Smoothness, as well as to eliminate various defects. Rolled metal products

Up to an ideal (sheets, pipes and other products), is capable of withstanding huge

Loads that are provided for this material.

Sale of rolled metal is carried out as a wholesale,

Both retail and retail. It also differs depending on the material. It can be

Black metal, which is made of a variety of types of steel and

Cast iron; Non-ferrous rolled metal from steels with various impurities of color

Metals (copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.); Stainless steel rolled metal from

Carbon and low-alloy steel. This type of rolled metal products

Popularity is not inferior to the previous.

Another classification of rolled metal — by type

Manufactured products. This includes the rolled metal products, pipes, sheets and

Special kind of hire.

The cost of rolled metal determines the set

Factors, beginning with the materials from which it is made, and ending with

Belonging to a particular group.

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