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The experts have changed their forecasts for Nickel quotes

8 January 2013
The experts have changed their forecasts for Nickel quotes

Experts the world market of non-ferrous metals I believe

that the previously announced forecasts of experts concerning the cost of Nickel in

this year is too optimistic. In this context, several analytical

companies witness «on duty» for the change in prices of non-ferrous metals,

revised his earlier statements regarding this issue and changed

figure the expected average price level of Nickel for the 2013 down.

In particular, employees of the Department of forecasting German


conglomerate Deutsche Bank believe that the average value of Ni in the current year

$17.75 thousand per ton. Whereas in the past the evaluation of probabilities

the future from the experts of the same company appeared more daring figure — 18,75

thousand dollars for 1000 kg of metal. It is noteworthy that for 2014, according

the analysts of Deutsche Bank, the average annual price of Nickel will fall

even lower — to the level of 17 thousand USD/t.

At about the same level as the experts of «Deutsche

Bank», you see the average price of Nickel for the current year the professionals of the Bank «UBS AG»

the largest structure of the Swiss financial market (their current forecast at 17.8

thousand U.S. dollars per ton of metal). Like their counterparts in Germany,

last time this company analysts were more optimistic

assumptions. Called them earlier estimated the average cost of Nickel for

2013 amounted to 17,96 USD

for 1000 pounds.

4 January 2013
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