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What you need to know about sheet products?

16 January 2013
What you need to know about sheet products?

Today, quite

It is not difficult to buy sheet metal, this production of metallurgical

Enterprises is in great demand. It is manufactured using

Carbon steel, if steel is subjected to additional heat treatment or

Etching, its strength significantly increases. Depending on the technology

Sheet metal production is: hot-rolled and cold-rolled.

Hot-rolled products

Hot-rolled metal is obtained when

During the manufacturing process, the metal preform is heated to a high temperature

And rolled between the rolls of the rolling mill. Recrystallization occurs

Metal, the structure changes, defects are straightened. The resulting metal

Is a steel sheet with a rough or matte surface, it

Very resistant to high temperature. Hot-rolled sheet metal widely

Used for the production of pipes, metal profiles, various

Structures, chemical and heat exchanging fittings, aircraft, car bodies,

Wagons, electrical cabinets, refrigerators.

Cold rolled products

Cold rolled metal is produced on

Special rolling mills and is an excellent raw material for production

Stamped products, where the main requirement for the metal is flexibility and

Susceptibility to cold deformation. In this case, the internal structure of the metal is not

Changes. The most widely used corner and steel strip.

Galvanized steel

It is very resistant to corrosion and negative

To the environment. Galvanized metal can have both

One-sided, and two-sided coating, which is varnish-and-paint,

Organozole and plastisol. It is very widespread in mechanical engineering,

Construction, in the production of galvanized pipes and corrugated board, is simply irreplaceable

For roof repair. Sheet metal is used in the food industry for

Long-term storage of products, creation of aerosols and road signs

Basic characteristics of sheet metal

On quality of finishing of sheet metal

Is subdivided into metal: especially high, high, high and ordinary

Finishing. According to the criteria of manufacturing accuracy, there are: a group, A - increased

Accuracy and group B - normal accuracy.

An essential circumstance affecting

Quality of rolled metal, is the absence on the product of defects that

Violate its integrity. On the quality of the surface of sheet metal

Especially high, high and normal flatness. By the state of the edge can be

Edged and not edged.

The modern market offers various

Opportunities to buy sheet metal of various types and for a variety of

Goals in the form of metal sheets and rolls. This is a great way to solve

Many design problems with minimal costs. Our products

Metallurgical plants are in great demand all over the world.

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