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The question of the financing of the Titanium valley, new data

6 December 2012
The question of the financing of the Titanium valley, new data

The team manages the project special

economic zone (SEZ) «Titanium valley», unveiled the new data

regarding the financial side of the issue. For updated information, article

costs to the embodiment of the Ural ideas will be appreciated 16.8 billion

Russian rubles. 50% of this money to the needs of the SEZ will be transferred from

the Federal budget, and the second half (in the words of the Governor of Sverdlovsk

region — Evgeny Kuyvashev) will seek the local authorities. «Actually load

the budget will be only about $ 4 billion.

4 is recouped costs, which we plan to borrow» — said

the situation the head of the regional administration in response to the questions of the journalists involved

in the thematic briefing.

Recall: your first steps project «Titanium valley»

made back in 2010 (it was then the current President of the Russian Federation

signed a decree on the establishment of a special economic zone).

According to government plans, the construction of the SEZ should

to begin 2011, but a lack of investment repeatedly pushed

the start of work at a later period. It is noteworthy that in the early stages of life

«Titanium valley» of the potential project costs were estimated at 54 billion

rubles. Then «Area» fell to 24 billion, and with the change of supervisors and to

the above mentioned 16 billion.

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