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Features and types of stainless pipes

5 December 2012
Features and types of stainless pipes

One of the most popular species

Stainless steel is a pipe product. Made of steel,

Such products are characterized by excellent operating parameters, and therefore

Often used in systems of cold and hot water supply, heating.

In addition, stainless pipes can be used in the arrangement

Structures both indoors and outdoors. Involvement of steel

Products makes it possible to exclude any negative impact on the

The water in the pipes.

What kind of metal rolling happens?

So, stainless pipes can be

Are classified by a number of parameters. In particular, the type of profile of such a product

Can be round and profile. The latter is particularly often used in

Production of light metal structures, in the manufacture of various

Equipment. It is also in demand in the interior decoration of large

Shopping centers and offices. It is worth remembering that the profile tube metal

Has a significant period of operation. Thus, the parameters of these products

Positively affect the reduction of metal consumption of an object approximately

On 30%. This is due to the high strength of the starting material at a very small

Mass, which is characterized by a stainless steel pipe.

It should be noted that round metal rolling also

Has its own classification, which is based on the features of its

Production. It can be:

• Seamless pipes that are used in the food industry

Industry, boiler plants, as elements of pipelines or parts

Techniques of different kinds. Such products are resistant to corrosion

Intercrystalline type, excellent strength, long-term ability

Withstand significant pressure.

• Electrowelded pipes used in boiler houses

Installations, mechanical engineering and food industry. This metal rolling also

Very reliable due to special technologies used in welding.

It is important that in the manufacture of pipes of high-alloy steel,

Arc welding in the environment of inert gases, if they produce products from

Carbon steel, then welding is used high-frequency.

In addition, the metal

Is subdivided by type of production into:

• electrowelded, longitudinal and spiral


• Seamless cold-deformed and

Hot-deformed products;

• cast iron pipes.

If we consider the classification of the tube

Metal rolling according to the functions that it will perform in the future, then the data

Products can be special and general purpose.

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