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Kola MMC completed the renovation of the cargo area in Monchegorsk

7 December 2012
Kola MMC completed the renovation of the cargo area in Monchegorsk

Workers of mining and metallurgical company «Kola»

completed a series of repairs on-site storage

containers in the city of Monchegorsk (Murmansk oblast of the Russian Federation).

Now the organization will be able to completely switch to a less expensive way

transportation of finished products — Nickel and copper — container.

Open joint stock company MMC «Kola» — one

of the subsidiaries of Norilsk Nickel is developing deposits

copper-Nickel ores in deposits of the Zapolyarnoye, Semiletka, Zhdanov and Kotselvaara.

The company was founded in 1998 on the basis of two plants — the Pechenganikel and Severonikel.

The Monchegorsk industrial site is one of the most important logistic nodes

system of Kola MMC. The repairs at the facility, cost the company 100 million rubles

was started over 2 years ago and took place in several stages with seasonal

breaks. After the reconstruction the area of the site amounted to 24,000 square

meters that now allows the employees of the terminal to handle over

days of around 300 containers with cargo — ready non-ferrous metals and ores

for the production of basic products of the company — electrolyte Nickel and copper, carbonyl

Nickel (shot and powder) and concentrates cobalt and precious metals.

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