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UMMC will spend in Voronezh Nickel mines, another 3 billion rubles

25 December 2012
UMMC will spend in Voronezh Nickel mines, another 3 billion rubles


mining and metallurgical company» (UMMC)

spend the Voronezh Nickel

mines 3 billion. It

this amount will need to the owner of the rights

the development of deposits of copper-Nickel

Two Elanskogo and ore deposits

in order to determine the feasibility

investing time and money in the development

these resource assets.

The amount of

the anticipated investment in the production of

Nickel and copper on the territory of Voronezh

the field was announced by the Deputy General

Director of UMMC — Evgeny Bragin —

specially organized a hearing in

The public chamber of the Russian Federation,

launched last week in the capital

of the country. In his statement, the representative

The Ural company said: «we Have

5 key questions to Voronezh

Nickel project, only having the answers

which we can talk about

the establishment of Mining at the site, and engage in discussions

about the launch of works on the development of the resources

of these mines. For this we need

time — about 36 months, and funds

order of 3 billion rubles.»


are going to get answers

UMMC before deciding

Voronezh Nickel, are as follows:

  • What are the dimensions of the ore body on the land and what is the quality of raw materials in the subsoil;
  • How complicated to implement is process of enrichment of copper-Nickel ores;
  • Not too costly will be the measures minimize the impact of future Mining nature;
  • Soon Lee will pay all costs;


words Eugenia Bragina, just received

would suit professionals UMMC answers

on these issues, the company may make

a positive decision on the project. Otherwise

the case, in the Voronezh region

copper-Nickel combine never

will appear.

21 December 2012
26 December 2012