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How to choose the right color metal for your purchase?

26 December 2012
How to choose the right color metal for your purchase?

Metal rolling is a production of different

Assortment, which consists of cast iron and steel. They are rolled using

Hot or cold processing on special machines. These products are widely used

In construction, engineering, industry (light and heavy). therefore

Are of great importance in industry.

Types and subspecies of non-ferrous rolled metal products

Metal rolling is conditionally divided into several


- black metal rolling;

- stainless steel;

- Non-ferrous metal rolling.

Non-ferrous metal products are objects of different

Shape and type, which are made of aluminum, titanium, bronze with titanium,

Alloys of copper, simply put, from various types of metal. These metals should not be

Contain iron. The main properties of such metals are that they

Rare earth, very noble and refractory. The main products are:

Pipes, sheets, long products.

Purchase of non-ferrous rolled metal products

Today, the sale of rolled metal in Russia is

Leading positions in the list of business areas that are rapidly developing and bringing

Good income. A country where the metallurgical industry is at a good level

Obliges producers to survive in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, k

Manufacturers and suppliers of non-ferrous metal products are high

Requirements for quality and product range.

On the territory of Russia Federation sale

Metal rolling requires licensing. Therefore, when buying a color

Metal companies, choose companies that guarantee high quality

Products, have a license for this type of activity, work promptly,

Deliver products on time, and it meets your initial requirements for

For a long time.

Properly organized work on the sale of color

Metal rolling - when the quality of supply is determined by the ratio of the performed

Orders to accepted.

When buying non-ferrous metal

The manufacturer can provide additional services such as:

- services for cutting metal;

-packing for shipment;


To buy non-ferrous metal

Find a company that produces the products you need. Without

This product can be manufactured by order from your manufacturer.

Sizes and patterns. Accordingly, the price of the product will be higher, but you

Get a unique product, perhaps the only one of its kind.

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