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The resignation of the General Director of Norilsk Nickel will cost the company $100 million

14 December 2012
The resignation of the General Director of Norilsk Nickel will cost the company $100 million

The largest in the history of Russia compensation package —

100 million dollars — will receive a General Director of MMC «Norilsk

Nickel» Vladimir Strzhalkovsky in connection with the forced resignation

the head of the Corporation. On this, citing sources close to the majority

holders of shares of the company, Russian media reported.

The amount of compensation will be divided into 3 parts:

immediately upon leaving the former head of GMK will pay half of all the promised

amount. And two payments of 25 million, «Norilsk Nickel» will carry out at the end of the

semi-annual and annual periods from the date of the change of CEO.

Recall: the chair of the head of Norilsk Nickel was

one of the main cornerstones in the relations between major shareholders

GMK — the companies «Interros» and «RUSAL». The first owners of them

believed that the management said, they are perfectly cope with the management

«Norilsk Nickel» and the opposing team (headed by Mr. Deripaska) insisted

the change of Director General.

The November agreement between the warring parties

(according to which decisions were made about changing the top Manager of a Corporation, the suspension of

mutual lawsuits and the establishment of a fixed amount of dividends on

the next few years) put an end to the four-year conflict between majoritarian.

A nine-digit the amount of compensation promised by the former CEO of «Norilsk

Nickel» will allow the owners of the company to close the personnel issue without

traditional for such cases negative.

12 December 2012
17 December 2012