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Classification of rolled metal

12 December 2012
Classification of rolled metal

At the moment, metal, and made of

Products are widely used in virtually every field of activity

Rights. Modern metal rolling, as a rule, includes such

Popular metal types like iron, steel, copper, lead and others are actively

materials used. There are two types of metals - black and color. TO

Non-ferrous rolled metal products include aluminum, zinc, magnesium, lead, silver,

Gold, copper, platinum , etc. The direct relation to ferrous metallurgy

Have cast iron, chrome, steel, iron, manganese and others.

However, what kind of rolled metal is used

More often? Due to its excellent physical properties, namely strength,

Reliability and durability, ferrous metals are much more profitable

Use. Steel, cast iron and iron are the most widely used today.

Exceptionally all modern methods of smelting and

Processing of metals are subject to improvement and improvement, due to which,

Consequently, their quality is increased and the scope of application is increased.

The use of non-ferrous metals is more common in the electronics,

Radio engineering, aircraft manufacturing and rocket engineering.

To the category of main products is black

Metallurgy include pig iron (linear and re-cast), steel and made of

Ingots, a variety of ferroalloys, the use of which is observed in

Processes of smelting of alloy steels. For the production of sheets, beams, rails

And pipes are also used goods made from ferrous metal.

Non-ferrous metallurgy products are presented in

Form ingots of pure metal, ligatures or alloys. Active use

Similar goods in the processes of instrument making and machine building, as well as

Manufacture of alloyed alloys that go after casting.

As mentioned above, the whole complex

Present metal rolling is represented by two types of metal that have

Its distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages. What about

The latter, then with each passing day the technologies for the production of metals are given

Improvement, which actively eradicates the presence of any

Aspects. At the moment, an impressive number of ways are known and

Methods of manufacturing both color and ferrous metallurgy. As an example, you can

The fact of the creation of metal in the powder industry and its production in

Specialized electric furnaces. Powder industry provides

Possibility of creating new materials that differ in their special composition and

Properties. The products produced by this method are distinguished by high

Strength and very long service life, which in

His turn speaks of the intensive development of the metallurgical industry.

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