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Japanese steelmakers will raise prices of stainless steel

17 December 2012
Japanese steelmakers will raise prices of stainless steel

Japanese manufacturers of stainless steel rolling

plan from the first month of the 2013th year to sell their products at more

the price is high. In particular, the intention to adjust the price lists to the side

appreciation has informed their current and potential partners marketing Department

the leader of the local market of the holding company «Nippon Steel and Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation» (NSSC).

«The most radical for our customers will

changes in the price of stainless sheet metal to medium thick» comment

plans of management in Japanese companies. «This production will be in January

be released from our warehouses with „cheat“ in 240−360 US dollars per tonne at

the current (December) value. The leadership plans to take

changes in pricing at a very decent time: a new prices will last,

at least for 3 months» — promise to «NSSC».








— one of the leading players in the global steel market. The history of creation

stainless steel division of Corporation originates in 2003, when «Nippon

Steel» and «Sumitomo Metal Industries» pooled their assets in this sector.

The company reacts flexibly to the market situation and

quite often adjust prices. Current rise in the cost management «NSSC» explains the expectation of a revival of demand

and desire to return the business into the mainstream of decent performance relative to profitability.

14 December 2012
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