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20 December 2012
New resource

One of the metallurgical enterprises of the Russian JSC

«Mechel» — industrial complex «yuzhuralnikel» — will be stopped, and in the short

the long run sold to a new owner. The representatives of the company

officially announced early this week, naming, as the cause

the closure of the plant, the difficult situation with prices and demand for Nickel. «The Council

of Directors of the company decided to curtail production and ordered

to prepare the equipment of workshops for long-term storage» — said in his

interviews with journalists Evgeny Mikhel, who is in the company «Mechel» chair

the Director-General. «We have to take into account the interests of shareholders, for whom «southern Urals Nickel»

in this situation, loss — making and unpromising assets. So now

the equipment of the plant is preserved, and in this state will have to wait

the moment of launch into operation under the guidance of new investors," he added

the head of the company.

According to the management of joint stock company «Mechel»,

employees of the closing plant will not be left without means of livelihood: in addition to

under the law of measures, management plans to provide employees with Nickel

plant additional assistance and intends to provide them with jobs. «Right now

we are starting up a few new industrial enterprises. They

(and at the existing production facilities of Mechel, of which there are more than 3

dozen) will be able to work unemployed staff»

promise to the company.

19 December 2012
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