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Black metal

19 December 2012
Black metal

Currently the most popular, as well as

A strong material for the production of a variety of products remains black

Metal rolling.

This material, made of steel, finds

The widest application in the most different spheres of production, starting from the laying

Roads and ending with the manufacture of parts for cars.

Metal rolling is divided into such

Its main types:

— sheet metal;

— high-quality metal rolling.

Sheet metal is manufactured in the form of rolls,

Strips and stripes.

Long products are produced with a round,

Square and flat sections.

Also in industry, besides black

Rolled metal is widely used and colored rolled metal. Him

Production is made of aluminum, as well as other non-ferrous metals.

Currently, the most popular species

The channels remain channel bars, fittings and pipes that find the largest

Application in the field of construction.

Also I want to note that the above

Types of rolled metal are manufactured using a thermally strengthened

Steel special purpose. It is due to this that they have increased

Hardness and resistance to the effects of an aggressive environment.

18 December 2012
20 December 2012