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Novosibirsk scientists have developed a technology for welding of titanium to steel

18 December 2012
Novosibirsk scientists have developed a technology for welding of titanium to steel

Research group of Institute of theoretical and

applied mechanics of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk)

managed to find a reliable method of welding titanium and steel. Earlier parts of these

metals joined in such a way in a more or less solid construction not

managed: the «body» of the weld was too fragile. Innovative technology

Novosibirsk scientists allows to obtain a compound in which the place of junction of

titanium and steel parts no less staunchly opposes mechanical

loads than the solid sections of the welded samples.

Know-how of the craftsmen from ITAM combines two ideas

decided with the integration problem of fusing previously desvarieux between metals.

First — adding to the formed during heating of titanium and steel mass of nanoparticles

special ceramics, whereby the structure of the suture material connecting

the samples, acquired an additional (previously unattainable) strength. The second is

the use of laser heating of the welded

surfaces, which achieves high-quality — «dagger» — penetration

metals (with a large depth of the weld pool with low width).

«At first we tried to perform the easier task

— weld the titanium with titanium (it should be noted, had also managed

too well)» — commented on the success of scientists one of the coordinators of the project

— Anatoly Orishich. «When it was done he began welding the „winged

metal“ steel» — said the representative of ITAM.

The invention of a method of quality welding of titanium —

an important step for the aircraft industry, where the primary connection

various metals (e.g. cladding to the frame) — fasteners

rivets. According to the developers of the innovation, after the «break» welding techniques

titanium specialists of the Institute will undertake welded technology for aluminum

alloys. Experts say: if (and for this purpose there are serious preconditions)

Novosibirsk scientists will be able to conquer this peak, soon it will be possible

to speak about a new stage of development in the production of the flying equipment.

17 December 2012
19 December 2012