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Voronezh Nickel: next meeting – the next court

5 November 2012
Voronezh Nickel: next meeting – the next court

Sunday November 4, took place in Voronezh

another rally of activists protesting against the development of Two and

Elanskogo deposits of Nickel. And although this time the event was not mass

(it was attended by only a few people), protesters succeeded again

to attract the attention of the wider public: on the ill-fated mines again

talking to the international media. The reason for the arrest of three demonstrators

which could not fail to cause a public outcry.

Witnesses of the accident reported that in the past

Sunday, three activists who promote the protection of the Khoper from «Nickel

vandalism», joined the convoy of local residents participating in

«Russian March» — a ceremonial procession, dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the liberation

Russia from Polish invaders (the Commonwealth). However, the participants

antonicelli action was arrested by a police patrol that was charged with

«the discrepancy between the subject agreed with the authorities of the event.»

The trial of the offenders will take place on 12 November. In a press-service

the Voronezh division of the State Department of the Interior

Affairs of the Russian Federation said that «fighters against Nickel» expect a fine in the amount of 10 — 20

thousand. Or — alternatively — a few dozen hours

corrective works «for the benefit of society.»

2 November 2012
6 November 2012