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The facilities of Titanium valley will be divided into two categories

20 November 2012
The facilities of Titanium valley will be divided into two categories

The objects of the special economic zone (SEZ) «Titanium

valley» will be divided into two categories, those facilities will pay off

further, those that do not will be able to bring the owners a real profit. To the first

ones include engineering communications — a water supply, power lines, network

and the heating system. «Investment in improvement will return within 7−15

years, and then under them it will be possible to take Bank loans» —

commented the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny

Kuyvashev. «The second part of the construction of the first stage actually does not pay off (this is

rail, road, customs house). Under their construction (as well as the needs

landscaping) will be involved in budgetary funds» — he added

the head of the regional administration.

Earlier in mass media reported,

which is the initial phase of the first stage of construction of the «Titanium

valley» (which is the arrangement area of 72 Hectares) of the management company of the SEZ

will need investments of $ 3, 86 billion. What part of

they will make loans — is not yet clear. However, according to the head of the Ural division

Of Sberbank of Russia Vladimir Cherkashin, the presence of government guarantees

structure ready to provide the special zone financial support in the right amount and in

reasonable period of time.

19 November 2012
21 November 2012