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Hot-dip galvanized metal

21 November 2012
Hot-dip galvanized metal

This kind of rolled metal is a novelty in the automotive industry. Hot-dip galvanized metal is an indispensable industry used to create construction sites, factories, bridges and ships, stadiums and other fairly large facilities. The novelties of hot-dip galvanized steel are now presented in the oil industry.

Recently, this type of rolled metal is increasingly used in the automotive industry in Russia, which is due to several reasons. First, it is associated with a decrease in the cost of the car, as the costs for its production are reduced, namely, the metal housing of the car's body. The method of hot-dip galvanized steel is another novelty for Russian automakers. In the west, hot-dip galvanized metal rolling of cars became widely used a few years ago, the reason for such popularity is its cheapness. For example, spare parts for volvo have long been produced using this technology.

Now the car industry in Russia can hardly be called experiencing its best times, so lowering the costs and costs of car production is exactly what is needed for this industry. Therefore, the introduction of hot-dip galvanized metal is an innovative and very successful idea for the automotive industry. The second advantage of this technology is a high level of resistance to corrosion. The production, which is already well-established, also allows the production of a large number of different metal products in the shortest possible time.

Hot-dip galvanized metal begins with exposure to metal pressure, after which a high temperature acts on the metal. This leads to the purchase by the product of the required shape, size and other specified parameters. After that it is necessary to process hot-dip galvanized metal. The final form of the hot-galvanized metal rolling is given by rolling semi-finished products in mills. After rolling on the mills receive rails, beams, channels, corners and other products.

To give the product a non-standard form, it is subjected to forging or pressing. So in the automotive industry, serial cars are manufactured with a production restriction. Hot-dip galvanized metal is used to preserve the excellent quality of produced cars, but with a limited series of products. The ultimate goal of the manufacturers is not to reduce the price of a collector's car, but rather to preserve its impeccable quality.

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