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Stainless steel from YUSCO, more expensive, POSCO will still leave prices

1 November 2012
Stainless steel from YUSCO, more expensive, POSCO will still leave prices

Metallurgical Corporation «YUSCO» («Yieh United

Steel Corp», Taiwan) announced the adjustment in the cost of rolled stainless

varieties of metal for the November contracts increased. For foreign

buyers (for new price list of the company) corrosion-resistant metal will be

be shipped at a price increased from the October prices at US $ 50

per ton. For clients the change in the cost will be less

tangible: a ton of stainless steel from YUSCO for them will rise in price only 34 USD.

The other major representative of the stainless steel business

East Asia company «POSCO» («Pohang Iron and Steel Company», South Korea)

— adopted a different solution: metal production in November will be sold at

prices approved yet for the past month. In particular, hot rolled

stainless steel (series 304) from the warehouses of this company from the first day will be

be shipped at a cost of 3.5 million won per ton, and cold rolled steel at a price of 3.77

million KRW. A ton of G/K metal 430 series from this manufacturer will be

to manage the customers at a cost of 2.04 million won, and a ton of cold rolled steel

that series at a price of 2.42 million.

Recall that the third major manufacturer

stainless steel in East Asia — concern «TISCO» («Taiyuan Iron

&Steel Company

Ltd.», PRC) — announced its November plans in

the middle of last month. Then it was reported that new export prices

will increase (relative to the October price) at USD 50 per ton, and

inner 16−32 dollars per 1000 kg.

31 October 2012
2 November 2012