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The Commission authorized the purchase of Outokumpu stainless German asset

13 November 2012
The Commission authorized the purchase of Outokumpu stainless German asset

Finnish steel Corporation «Outokumpu» received

consent of the Antimonopoly Committee of the European Commission regarding plans for the acquisition

stainless steel asset «Inoxum», which is currently the German company

«ThyssenKrupp». The position of the regulatory body of the European Union, who previously played

against the deal, relented after «Outokumpu» revised list

objects that will be exhibited by the Finns for sale after purchase of «Inoxum».

Earlier it was reported that the statement of management

Corporation «Outokumpu» the intention to buy power producer

stainless steel «Inoxum» members of the Antimonopoly Council the EC responded with a ban

to carry out the deal. It was caused by fears of the European Commission in the interests

consumers in the European market, which could suffer from the dictatorship of the prices,

imposed the only major operator of the sector (which could be Finnish

Corporation). In response, the owners of the «Outokumpu» promised to sell one of his

Swiss factories specializing in the production of stainless steel. However

the competition authority considered that such actions to protect

European consumers will not be enough.

As a result, the management of the Finnish steel

the company had to offer more substantial alienation of assets — Italian

plant «Terni» and several service centers in Europe. According to representatives of the EC,

selling these businesses will enable you to maintain a competitive balance in the local

the stainless steel market and therefore objections to the change of the owner «Inoxum»

can be removed.

12 November 2012
14 November 2012