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History of rolled metal products

14 November 2012
History of rolled metal products

The history of the appearance of metal products is associated, first of all, with the invention of the first powerful steam engines. This grandiose invention has helped scientists and engineers in developing the first technologies for the production of steel bulky sheets and pipes by ultra-fast processing of a very large amount of metal.

Most historians believe that the «omnipresent» Leonardo da Vinci played a significant role here too. He not only was able to describe the technology of rolled metal, but also helped to realize it. Metal rolling began to develop rapidly since the 19th century, thanks to the massive construction of railways. This was reflected in the nature of the products distributed, which for many years were railroad tracks. A little bit later these products became the basis for the development of many industries, not only foreign, but also domestic industry, namely, shipbuilding, machine building, defense industry — tank building, etc.

This fact, first of all, speaks about the strength and availability of metal products. Another advantage of rolled metal is the ability to withstand enormous loads and temperature changes with a relatively low weight of the product itself. And, finally, to a middle-class man with an average income building up construction, the use of rolled metal ensures the speed and ease of erecting structures of any type. Today, metal products produced in metallurgy are very diverse: channels, sheets of steel, pipes, fittings, corners, etc.

Rolled metal products are produced on a rolling machine and are the result of a complex and incredibly time-consuming process. There is also a huge number of various classifications of this product and many of its types. Therefore, it is rather difficult to find and choose the type of rolled metal, which is best suited for this or that type of construction. The fact is that in the production and construction for different purposes different metal rolling is used. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is best to seek advice from the seller-consultant. So, they distinguish such types of metal: black metal, color, varietal, shaped and sheet types.

Sheet metal is identified as a special group of products. These are galvanized or steel sheets used in engineering and construction.

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