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America will reduce the pressure on exporters of stainless steel

23 November 2012
America will reduce the pressure on exporters of stainless steel

The government of the United States of America «released

customs nuts» for exporters stainless steel. However, such happiness

can enjoy not all foreign producers of corrosion-resistant

metal: spray «the fountain of unprecedented bounty» will get only metallurgists neighboring

Mexico for which the U.S. government will abolish the additional tax on the import

sheet of stainless steel and will void the customs allowances for the supply of the strip of

steel in this category.

Information on Mexican suppliers now

will enjoy some preferential treatment when imported flat stainless steel

to the USA this week officially confirmed in the CIT (a specialized

body of the country involved in international trade). According to experts

stainless steel market of the state, certain freedoms for producers from Mexico

should not exert any tangible influence on the domestic US market:

even if a small dumping neighbors, the difference between acting on

the territory of the state prices for stainless steel and reasonable value of the imported

in America Mexican metal will not significantly transform the overall

market situation.

Recall that in order to protect the interests of local

manufacturers the US government just over 10 years ago imposed anti-dumping

the tax on imported flat rolled stainless steel from several countries — including Mexico, South Korea and several

of the European States. Today, after 1/10 of a century, American custom

«gave the nod» to the nearest of foreign masters stainless steel —

producers of the «country of the Aztecs». It is not excluded that in the near future grace

descend, and for more distant neighbors, «big brother», although market experts

little hope for this prospect.

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