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Nickel stocks on Phoenix come to an end

23 October 2012
Nickel stocks on Phoenix come to an end

Mining operations on nickel

Open type mine "Phoenix" (one of the Botswana assets of the Norilsk

Nickel ", developed since 1995) will be stopped. Reason - exhaustion

Resources of the field.

Earlier in the international media,

That the bowels of the "Phoenix" section contain (according to data from various sources on

As of 2011 and 2012) from 45 to 201 million tons of nickel ore

With an average metal concentration of 0.215%. At the same time, useful

Fossils on the site in recent years with a speed of about 7 million tons. However, recently

Carried out by employees of the company-owner, geological exploration work is not

Confirmed the presence of nickel in any, justifying the cost of production,

Quantity. In this regard, the owner of "Phoenix" decided to stop further

Its development.

Recall, in Botswana, Norilsk Nickel owns

85% of the securities of Tati Nickel, whose main assets

The above-mentioned "Phoenix" deposit, an underground copper-nickel mine

"Selkirk" and two enrichment enterprises operating on their raw materials base. The owner

The rest of Tati Nickel's portfolio of shares is the government of South Africa


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