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New frontiers of Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in the field of titanium mining

22 October 2012
New frontiers of Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in the field of titanium mining

In the history of the development of relations between Russia and

Vietnam with regard to joint extraction and processing of titanium achieved new

Boundaries. Such conclusions were reached by international correspondents who covered the business

Visit to VSMPO-AVISMA by representatives of the government of the republic headed by the vice-premier

Country - Hoang Trung Hai. During the meeting, foreign guests visited

Production capacities of the Russian company in the cities of Berezniki and Upper


In Russia, a delegation from Vietnam was met by the head

VSMPO-AVISMA - Mikhail Voevodin. He presented to the future partners the existing

Capacity for the processing of titanium raw materials and presented a program

Development of the enterprise, within the framework of which there is a tangible growth in volumes

Production. The Vietnamese delegation recognized the technology of the Russian company as

Interesting, and the overall investment climate in the country - favorable for the international


It was previously reported that the government of Vietnam and

Management of VSMPO-AVISMA has long been negotiating the joint development of a titanium mine in the territory

Of the Socialist Republic with raw material reserves equal (by preliminary

Valuation) of 3 million tons. The visit of the Vietnamese delegation mentioned above

According to the participants of the meeting, will be an important milestone in the development of economic relations

Between the two powers: during the negotiations, the parties were able to concretize earlier

Achieved preliminary agreements on joint titanium

Projects and outlined plans for the future.

19 October 2012
23 October 2012