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Norilsk Nickel announces preliminary results of work in Q3

30 October 2012
Norilsk Nickel announces preliminary results of work in Q3

Specialists press center of MMC «Norilsk Nickel»

published data of the preliminary analysis of the company’s activity III

quarter of this year. According to analyst reports, the levels of Nickel production

and copper at the facilities of the organization for the aforementioned period, compared to

the results of II quarter has increased, while the volumes of extraction of platinum and palladium, and

on the contrary, decreased.

In particular, from July to September at MMC was produced

77, 4 thousand tons of Nickel, 11% more than in the previous quarter. This

the dynamics of the plant explain the rapid slowdown of Russian

producing assets non-navigation after a pause caused by the spring floods,

and increased loading of the plant by sulphuric acid leaching of Nickel ores in


Copper at the facilities of Norilsk Nickel during the reporting period

produced 95.5 thousand tons (6% more than the results of II quarter).

Company representatives will include the reason for such changes by the factor

seasonality, and partially explain the fluctuation of production levels effect

low base in the previous quarters of the year.

The level of extraction of precious metals, as has been

the above, MMC has decreased. So platinum at the facilities of Norilsk Nickel

it was produced in the third quarter of 175 thousand Troy ounces (1 T. U. = 31,103 grams),

which is 6% below the level of the period April-June 2012. And the volume of production

palladium declined against the previous quarter by 4% (to the level 702

thousands of Troy ounces).

29 October 2012
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