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Manufacture of stainless steel

19 September 2012
Manufacture of stainless steel


Different fields of industry and

Production of stainless steel

Very much in demand. However, among

Stainless steel

Are considered to be stainless

Pipe and sheet stainless steel. how

They are made?

Production of steel as raw materials

Cast iron is used. Initially, he

Melted in the oven. After in special

Furnaces from cast iron brew steel with a certain

Carbon content and addition

Alloying elements (nickel, chrome,

Titanium, molybdenum and so on). Very important

Observe proportions and percentage

The ratio of these elements. From interest

The content of chromium in steel depends on the quality

Metal products, namely durability

To corrosion. In addition to

Corrosion, alloying steel gives it

And other properties — plasticity,

Softness, strength, heat resistance, and

Also the ability to harden.


Manufacture of steel use one more

Method — its production from the secondary

Raw materials. By melting scrap metal and

Addition of alloying elements is obtained

Stainless steel.


Manufacture of stainless sheet

Perform the following operations: evenly

Distribute the steel in a long form,

Cooled, sent to the rental

Where steel is heated again and

Rolling occurs to the required

Thickness. After such processes, steel

Wrapped in rolls, cleaned with

Acids, unwind, roll out and

Cut into sheets required for

Customer size. This method is called

Hot rolling method. With the method

Cold rolled hot-rolled sheet

Stainless steel is rolled in a cold

Condition to the required thickness.


Manufacture of stainless pipes

Molten steel is molded into molds

In the form of a pipe with thick walls and

bigger size. Manufacturing process

Seamless stainless steel hot-rolled

Pipe is very similar to sheet production:

Stretch the workpiece, roll it out,

The hot state is squeezed until

Required diameter with the required

Thickness of the pipe wall. And for manufacturing

Seamless cold rolled pipe process

The same, only on the last

Stages of the pipe forming process

Cooled and cold

Rolled to a certain size.


The deduction of seamless pipes, there is also

Welded pipes that make

From a stainless sheet. During

The sheets are selected

Thickness and size, they fold and

With the help of electric welding.

18 September 2012
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