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AVISMA signed a cooperation agreement with MIDHANI and IRSTC

10 September 2012
AVISMA signed a cooperation agreement with MIDHANI and IRSTC


The world's largest producer

Titanium - VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation -

Last week signed a memorandum

On cooperation with representatives

Delegation from the state Indian

Enterprises of MIDHANI and Russian-Indian

SEC "IRSTC". The main topic of negotiations

Parties, during which it was signed

The above-mentioned document is

Joint implementation of a number of projects

To promote products from titanium to

Global market.


Indian enterprise "MIDHANI" ("Mishra Dhatu

Nigam Ltd ") specializes in manufacturing

Heat-resistant, martensitic, austenitic,

High-strength and other special

Alloys based on titanium, nickel,

Tungsten, molybdenum, magnesium, niobium.

The representative of the company is Digby

Giri - noted the importance of the conclusion

Agreement on cooperation with the corporation

"AVISMA". "Combining our efforts

Can contribute to the emergence of a new

Giant in the world titanium market

Products, "he said.


Partner VSMPO - scientific and technological

Center "IRSTC" - specializes in

Development and implementation of joint

Russian-Indian projects in the spheres of

Material science, hydrology, biomedicine,

Immunology, astrophysics, ecology, and

Also in the field of laser

Technologies, issues of use

Resources of the world's oceans and other

Aspects of science. Representatives of the Scientific and Technical Center also

Highly appreciated the prospects for cooperation

Russia and India in the sphere of production

Products on the basis of titanium and named

Opportunities for its joint promotion

In the world market is very wide.

7 September 2012
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