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Japan's stainless steel market: exports fall, imports rise

7 September 2012
Japan's stainless steel market: exports fall, imports rise


Overseas sales of stainless steel,

Produced by Japanese metallurgical

Companies, falls. So in July through

The Customs of the Land of the Rising Sun was

94.3 thousand tons of

Corrosion of metal, which is 11% less

Results of the previous month. In this way

Way, the dynamics of Japanese exports

Repeats the negative tendencies of the past

Financial year, according to which

Volumes of foreign sales of metal

Categories for metallurgists of the country fell

(In comparison with last year's data)

By 7.6%.


The same time, the import of stainless steel in

The country has increased: for July of this year in

Japan imported more than 15 thousand tons

Metal of this category, which is 2.5% more

June indicators.


It was reported that on the scale of the first

Half of this year, data on

Japanese imports were demonstrated

Opposite dynamics. So for 6

Months of imports to the country of stainless

Steel from foreign counterparties

Amounted to 90 thousand tons (down 4%

Indicators of 2011 for the same period).

The main suppliers of Japanese

Consumers at this time were South Korean

Producers (which reduced volumes

Import of metal into the country by 8.6%), as well as

Taiwanese and Chinese metallurgists,

Increased sales of their own

Products to buyers of the Japanese market at


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