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Pipeline your home. Copper pipes and their connection

15 August 2012
Pipeline your home. Copper pipes and their connection


And copper fittings are quite

Good resistance to high and

Low temperatures, for which they are valued

In the plumbing. They are resistant to high

Pressure of liquid and gas, as well as to

External influences (especially during

Transportation when they are very easy

damage). They also have good

Bactericidal properties.


And a copper fitting is universal

Material in the plumbing. It can be

Use for construction of all types

Communication: water supply and

Gas supply, air conditioning

And heating, hydra and pneumatic systems. Highly

Material is comfortable in work, it is easy

Cut, bends, the fitting is easy to install,

And the more so it has no expiration date.


Despite all the advantages, not

It is recommended to use these pipes

For systems with water, which is increased

Acid level, with a high percentage

Solid impurities and at high speed



The connection of copper pipes, then

The most common method of installation

Is a capillary soldering. The basis

This method is capillary

Effect. At a certain distance

Walls of two surfaces relatively

To each other, the solder rises

On a special capillary. In this way,

The solder spreads evenly over the

Surface, no matter what

Position takes up the pipe.


In order to increase the expiration date

Pipeline, it is necessary to apply

Pipes of homogeneous materials (if

Not copper, then its alloys). If all the same to you

It is necessary to connect pipes of different

Materials, then here are a few



It is not recommended to connect copper parts

Water pipes with galvanized and non-alloyed

Steel. Between mixtures of these materials

There are electrochemical processes.

As a consequence, they lead to corrosion



You do not have other options and you need

Use pipes from different materials,

Then the steel pipe must stand

Before copper (it depends on the direction



Copper pipes with pipes with acid-resistant

Became quite permissible.


Instead of copper pipes use pipes

PVC (polyvinylchloride).

15 August 2012
17 August 2012