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Russian automotive companies reduce volumes of imported stainless steel

28 August 2012
Russian automotive companies reduce volumes of imported stainless steel

Russian car manufacturers reduce consumption

Imported stainless metal. In particular, this is true

For the open joint-stock company AvtoVAZ: according to the customs

Service, in the past seven months since the beginning of the year the company has reduced the volume of purchases

Stainless steel from foreign manufacturers to the level of 1430 tons (which is 2 times

Lower than last year's figures for the same period).

The main type of stainless products that is in demand at AvtoVAZ is thin

Sheet rolling of high-temperature grades with a low carbon content, which

Russian car manufacturer uses for stamping parts

Exhaust silencers.

Key suppliers of stainless steel for the needs of the Volga Automotive Plant -

South Korean metallurgical corporation POSCO (formerly - exclusive supplier

Enterprises) and the Japanese steel company JFE Holdings (with which AvtoVAZ

Began to cooperate only in 2009). It is noteworthy that over the past 12 months

The share of products from Pohang Iron and Steel Company in the structure of automotive supplies

The plant began to decrease significantly: at the moment the needs of AvtoVAZ are 60%

Are satisfied at the expense of Japanese stainless steel.

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