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On the merits of stainless fasteners

29 August 2012
On the merits of stainless fasteners


Steel can not be corroded in

Unfavorable conditions, practically

Not oxidized in most acids, not

Loses its properties in alkaline, chloride

Environment. Such steel is not afraid of high

Temperature and pressure.


Signs have become inherited and stainless

Fasteners - especially durable and expensive

Type of fasteners. Endowed with strength

Fasteners made of stainless steel are used in buildings

And structures located in seismic

Hazardous areas, in aggressive environments,

In a word, where the requirements for fastening

Systems are enhanced.


Fasteners are presented:

  • Bolts (with thread complete, incomplete and other varieties of thread);
  • Hairpins (according to GOST-standards and DIN);
  • Screw products (installation and others);
  • Nuts (in the form of lambs, hexahedrons, as well as round, square and rim-nuts);
  • Clamps and washers (flat, roving and other);
  • Rivets (with heads hidden and semi-secret);
  • Samorezami (almost all types).


For wooden constructions

Special type of thread, not like the others

Building fasteners. It has exhaust

Rivets, rivets for nuts and

Self-tapping screws.


Stainless fasteners:

  1. Stainless steel is very durable. Without deforming and completely retaining its shape, it easily tolerates great physical pressure and sharp temperature instability.
  2. The upper layer of fasteners made of other materials will peel off over time. The destruction of this layer in an unfavorable environment occurs faster. Stiffness of stainless fasteners is maintained even at very high or low atmospheric conditions.
  3. Fasteners made of stainless steel are flame resistant and do not deform during a fire.
  4. Stainless fasteners are harmless to health and therefore irreplaceable in the manufacture of medical equipment. Apply fasteners in the food industry, in hospital buildings, in restaurants and restaurants.
  5. Stainless steel is the most profitable material, the service life of which is unlimited even without additional care.
  6. Steel, containing a lot of chromium, eventually loses its radiant appearance, becoming covered with a dirty - rusty coating. Non-rusted steel retains an aesthetic appearance. Such steel is used to produce high quality goods.
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