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Metal products

1 August 2012
Metal products


Are soldered and melt. Of these,

Welded structures, fasteners

Medium strength, mesh,



Steel are hardened and have

Greater strength, are used for

Parts with increased load.


Copper-brass, bronze and others go to

Various sheet and monolithic products.

In practice, you can use

Sleeves, coins, pipes , etc.

Processing of metal and alloys is subdivided

For annealing, hardening and tempering. Annealing-for

Reduction of hardness, it is carried out

When heated to 900 degrees, the temperature

Determined by the glow of the metal. Cooling

Cooked salt or in a technical



Rust. It is produced by metal

Brushes or sandpaper, then

Degrease with gasoline or any



Paint any colors (if not

Special) then lacquered. Product

Paint with a soft brush at least two

Times in opposite directions.

With metal old coatings produce

With the help of rinses and flushing pastes. When

This paint is softened and its



It is possible to melt on a plate and anvil. When

Presence of several bends first

Rule extreme, and then average.


Metal is produced using a chisel

And a hammer. In this way, they are removed from the blanks

Uneven metal, remove sharp

Edges, cut grooves and grooves, share

in pieces. The cutting is made in the vice or

On the slab (anvil sledge hammer).

The wire is the most

Accessible material for all kinds of

Crafts. In order to bend it, apply

Pliers and round pliers. Thick

Wire cut with a hacksaw,
The thread is made

In the holes with the help of taps. For

Of each standard thread size

There are two taps. At work taps

Fixed with bolts in the collars with

Handles. To improve the quality of the thread

At work it is necessary to apply the same

Cooling lubricating compositions.


Thread on the bars is applied with dies,

Fastened with a plate holder. Processed

Bar part

Oiled with engine oil or

Petroleum jelly.

31 July 2012
2 August 2012