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The energy problem of the Titanium Valley can be solved by peat

6 August 2012
The energy problem of the Titanium Valley can be solved by peat

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation considers the construction of a combined heat and power plant, where peat will be used as fuel, as a solution to the problems with electricity and heat supply of the facilities of the Titan Valley special economic zone. "The project is innovative for the region, and therefore requires deep thought" - commented on the situation representatives of the regional division of the Ministry of Energy.

In the Sverdlovsk region, huge deposits of peat are explored - according to predicted calculations - about 3 billion tons, which can provide residents of the Titanium Valley with affordable energy for a long time. In addition, the development of a resource in the region is already being carried out by the operating enterprise - a mining complex near the settlement of Basyanovsky (45 km from the city of Verkhnaya Salda, where the territory of the SEZ is located).

Provided that in the scheme of the fuel and energy balance of the Sverdlovsk region today, mainly expensive types of fuel are used (49% gas and 27% coal imported from afar), the use of peat can be an excellent prospect for the enterprises of the region. However, with regard to the investments that will be required for the establishment of a peat power plant, the figures are very serious: about € 100-150 million (which is more than essential for the "untapped" in practice project). In addition, the Ministry of Energy is facing a number of equally important aspects of the recoupment of CHP, the volume of costs for the extraction, transportation and storage of fuel resources, the sales system of "surplus" energy and other nuances. Therefore, the question of the optimal way of supplying the Titanium Valley with energy is still open.

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