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Aluminum sheets - what they are?

22 August 2012
Aluminum sheets - what they are?


- metal, which due to its

Properties found wide application

Practically in all branches of the economy.

Aluminum is characterized by lightness,

High plasticity, electrical and

Heat conductivity, high corrosion

Resistance. As a structural material

It is used in the form of alloys with different

Metals and non-metals. Alloying

Additives increase strength

Characteristics of aluminum alloys.

Aluminum alloys are divided into deformable

(From which aluminum is produced)

And casting (used for manufacturing



One of the types of aluminum rolled products

Include aluminum sheets. Are issued

In rolls, sheets. They are the most

Market demand for aluminum

Products. Aluminum sheets are manufactured

According to GOST, are subdivided:


Production method:

  • Clad - in the process of hot rolling on the surface of the alloy (for example, in duralumin, having a low corrosion resistance), a layer of pure aluminum is applied to improve the anti-corrosion resistance;
  • Not clad.


Condition of the material:

  • Without heat treatment - aluminum sheets from such alloys are subjected to annealing;
  • With heat treatment - heat-strengthened alloys undergo thermal treatment (heating, cooling). Processing significantly increases the most important material values: lightness and strength. Sheets with such characteristics are produced from duralumin and high-strength alloys, are in demand in the aviation, space, and automobile industries.


Quality finishes:

  • Conventional;
  • High;
  • Elevated.



  • Corrugated (convex pattern on the surface);
  • Perforated (holes of various shapes and sizes on the surface of the sheet);
  • Corrugated (undulating surface);
  • Smooth.



  • Common;
  • Special.


Are manufactured in accordance with

Requirements of GOST for the approved

Technological regulations.


Aluminum offers for sale aluminum

Sheets of various purposes and designs.

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