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Manufacture of stainless steel

11 July 2012
Manufacture of stainless steel


Modern world, stainless steel

The most popular of the types of steel -

Its production per year is about 25 million

Tons. Currently used before

200 grades of steel, which in turn

Have groups.


Main type of steel production

Today is the smelting of it in

Electric arc furnace using

Alloying impurities in the form of a powder.

It melts on average 1.5 hours. AT

Raw materials for the production of stainless

Steel is used alloy carbon

become. When manufacturing cast parts

After smelting the steel is cast in

Form, and with further rolling and

Stamping into standard pigs.

Steel is in high demand and is used

In many areas. Stainless sales

Rolled metal and stainless steel,

Very many firms are engaged. Nomenclature

Products and scope of application have a wide

Range, from large parts hydraulic

Presses in the industry, to details

Micron sizes used in



Scope of application is

Technical and technological properties

Steel, such as the ability to resist

To aggressive environments. Type of steel

Determines its scope.


Steel is used for manufacturing

Cutting tools, household items,

Turbine blades, fittings -

Installations, hydraulic valves



And chromium manganese steel

Used in the food industry,

Utensils, household items, medical

Tools and apparatus, canteens



Austenitic steel is used for

Production: welded equipment,

Instruments and materials used in

Aggressive environments and high



Subjects with which the person interacts

Daily made of stainless

Steel, coins, dishes, and so on

He never meets - details

Space vehicles and nuclear reactors.

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