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Basic principles of the production of non-ferrous metals

18 July 2012
Basic principles of the production of non-ferrous metals


Metallurgy is an industry

Metallurgy, which is engaged in mining

And the enrichment of non-ferrous metal ores and

Melting of non-ferrous metals, as well as their

Alloys. Since non-ferrous metals can be

Divided into light and heavy, then separate

Industrial production of color

Metallurgy of light and heavy metals.

Placement of production facilities such

Type most often depends on natural

Conditions and economic factors.

But the most important thing here is still

Namely the raw material factor. In addition to raw materials

A big role is played in the same way

Fuel and energy features

The area in which the

Production of non-ferrous metals. how

Rule, in almost every country

There are several color databases at once

Metallurgy. Production of heavy

Metal does not require a lot of

Energy, so very often it can

Be located directly in the

Areas of extraction of raw materials. If speak about

Lead-zinc industry, then

It gravitates to the areas in which it is mined

Polymetallic ores.


Production of non-ferrous metallurgy.

In some countries to such an industry as

Industrial production of color

Metallurgy includes mining and processing

Ores of different non-ferrous metals. Besides,

In this form of production, there is also

Passing products, which are

Various kinds of chemical compounds,

Building materials and mineral

Fertilizer. Due to the fact that there is

A wide variety of ore raw materials and

A large number of technological

Processes, non-ferrous metallurgy produces

A wide range of different

Products. In the structure of industrial

Production of non-ferrous metallurgy


Change. So for the last time

The production of rare

And light non-ferrous metals, as well as

Semiconductor and special

Materials. In order to deal with

Production of light metals is required

A lot of energy, so

Light color non-ferrous

Metals are most often

Near sources of inexpensive

Energy. Generally, the production of some

Types of non-ferrous metals is

Multi-stage process, so

Initial and final stages

Production cycle may be

In different areas.

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