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Copper. Recovery stage of fire refining of copper.

13 June 2012
Copper. Recovery stage of fire refining of copper.


Refining stage



Treatment of molten copper (teasing)

Can be carried out with fuel oil, natural

Gas or with freshly cut

Wood in the form of logs or poles. When

Heating reagents

Decompose thermally, forming H2; CO;

CH4 and other hydrocarbons that

Recover remaining in copper in

The dissolved state of Cu2O from the reactions:

Cu2 O

+ CO = 2Cu + CO2

+ CH4 = 8Cu + 2H2O + CO2


Hydrogen as a reducing agent is not

Is preferable. hydrogen

Intensively dissolves in anoxic

Copper. When casting an anode body,

Pores, shells and looseness. For

Satisfactory recovery

It is necessary to leave a small amount

Cuprous oxide in the melt, which in turn

Leads to an increase in the dissolution of copper

During electrolysis.


Stirring the bath with bubbles

Of reducing gases during

Copper debris provides high

Degree of reduction of Cu2O and removal

From the melt of gases dissolved in it

(H2Opar, CO2, O2, etc.); Duration

Teasing is 2.5-3 hours.


Dense copper, containing

Less than 0.01% S (mainly in the form of

Cu2 S) and up to 0.2% O2 are poured into the anodes-ingots

With ears - 800-1000 mm long; Width 800-900

Mm and a thickness of 35-40 mm on horizontal

Carrousel filling machines



The anode varies at different factories

From 175 to 375 kg. Anode casting in dependence

From the capacity of refining ovens

Lasts 5-8 hours. The total duration

Process of fire (oxidative)

Refining of copper during processing

Solid metal reaches 24 h.


Stationary refining ovens

Melts and refines, so-called,

Solid copper, represented by metal

Ingots produced on copper smelters

Factories, metal scrap of electrolysis

Copper, secondary copper.


Lack of the method described above

Blast furnace fire refining

Periodicity of the process. Above elimination

This major shortcoming has long

Metallurgists work. To the present

Time a number of foreign firms invited

Several options for industrial


Fire refining of blister copper.

12 June 2012
14 June 2012