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The origin of titanium is its properties and application in industry.

16 May 2012
The origin of titanium is its properties and application in industry.


Will go to the bottom of an interesting metal

Open Englishman W. Gregor in


is he

Isolated oxide of an unknown metal,

Which he called the Menacken. I think,

That not all guessed that it was Titan!

Invented the name of the metal one of

German researchers Martin Klaproth

In honor of the Titans from ancient mythology.

Let's drop the story and move on to its properties

And application. Outwardly it's interesting

metal! Looks like steel, but smooth

Excels in two more. Temperature

Boiling metal is 3300 ° C. Mechanical

The strength is six times greater than

Aluminum and two more than pure

gland. Thanks to its unique

Its properties are used in various

The most important compounds. It's enough

Absorbs oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen

Because of this, its

plastic. Thermal conductivity 13 times

Less than aluminum, and the interaction

With carbon has a high hardness.

When heated, the magnetic susceptibility

This metal increases, in comparison

With others, it decreases noticeably. Titanium

Becomes a superconductor with

Temperature 0.45 K (the beginning of the scale (0 K)

Coincides with absolute zero).


Highlight the shortcomings of this metal

Is its elasticity. Interactions with

All gases at high temperatures,

Especially in the liquid state, so

It is better to melt it in an environment of inert

Gases, or better in a vacuum. Titanium is bad in

Work on friction (in a pair of titanium with titanium

Can not work). Has high

Propensity to salt and hydrogen

Corrosion and poorly cut.


Titanium is much more expensive than the smaller ones

Brothers, such as iron, aluminum,

Magnesium, and so on.


Let us single out its merits. Metal has

Low density, which contributes to

Reduction of its mass in production

Material. At high temperatures

500-600 ° C titanium

Alloys on the body bypass high-strength

Alloys of iron, magnesium. Due to its

Ability creates on the surface

Continuous and thin films of titanium oxide,

Which in turn are closely glued to

Mass of titanium, express it high

Corrosion resistance. In a relationship

Strength and density are better than titanium

Alloys need to be searched. Using

This metal is wide enough,

Say the scale. Its parts can be

Found in shipbuilding and aviation

And missile technology, it's not a shame to add

In a tandem to steels of the highest quality.

From it do grids, fittings, in general,

Construct and manufacture the

To mankind the little things of life, without which

We can not live. In aircraft construction

Titanium has found its glory, because it is there

Need a light, strong working

At a high temperature of the structure

(Casing, chassis, fasteners). In shipbuilding

It is used for sheathing ships, underwater

Boats, since it does not adhere to seashells

And other marine and ocean living creatures,

Which increases the speed

Ships. In hydrochloric and sulfuric acid, he

Feels at home. It is used

For pumping these aggressive

Substances. All

Well, but because of its scarcity and

Expensive its use, let's say so,

Is limited in many branches.


Mostly titanium buy large factory

And manufacturing enterprises for

Further processing, manufacturing

Titanium pipes, sheet metal

(Titanium sheet, titanium plate). Behind

He is well paid at the points of delivery

Metals. So go ahead, help in

Search for this unique metal and

You will be happy. Here's an interesting


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