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Properties of stainless steel

23 May 2012
Properties of stainless steel


Steel is a common material,

It consists of iron and chromium, which

Used in construction, as well as

As a structural element.


Today, there are three ways

Manufacture of stainless steel, to which

Include open-hearth furnace, electric steelmaking

And oxygen - convection. Stages

Production of stainless steel for all

Ways are almost the same. On

The first stage is the melting of cast iron

In specially manufactured furnaces, also

Vessels of pear-shaped form are used

And electric ovens. In this case, cast iron

In a few hours, about 6-8,

Will melt when exposed to it

Hot air that is supplied

A great deal of pressure from the bottom up. When melting

Cast iron experts check the quality

Metal, take his sample, in the investigation

What happens is its full inspection. When

Cast iron melts, burns with it

Various impurities. The result is

Clean metal. First stage

Production of stainless steel is

Not very fast and easy, because for

It takes a lot of effort and

Expensive equipment.

An important stage in the manufacture of stainless

Steel is cooling. Here

Important properties of the given

Metal. At the same time, we can say that

Stainless steel will be of high quality,

If the cooling is very

qualitatively. Cooling is carried out

In piles, or on the plates of the shop. When

Cooling in stacks the limit is lowered

Strength and also the flowability of steel.


These steps, stainless steel will be

Used for production

Different products.

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