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A protest took place against the development of the Voronezh Nickel deposits

8 May 2012
A protest took place against the development of the Voronezh Nickel deposits

In the past

A weekend in Voronezh

Protest, in which activists

Raised a number of sensitive issues of concern to

public. Participants of the event

Against the development of nickel

Mines in the Novokhopersky district of the region

And opposed the expansion of the airbase

At the airfield "Baltimore", located

in the city. In addition, initiators

Rally touched on political issues,

And, having expressed distrust of the current government,

Demanded her resignation.

Around the project

Launching the development of the largest

Of nickel deposits in Europe - Elkinsky

And Elanskiy ore manifestations - the disputes are not

Fade away for a long time. For business structures,

Interested in extracting useful

Fossils from these deposits,

The described assets are very attractive.

For example, in the depths of Elkinsky

Deposits, according to preliminary

Data, contains 393.8 thousand tons of nickel

(Ore content - 0.98%), 54.6 thousand tons

Copper (0.136%) and 14.4 thousand tonnes of cobalt

(0.036%). Yelanskiy mine contains 351.6 thousand tons.

Tons of nickel (with the same concentration

Metal in the rock), 40.3 thousand tons of copper

(0.12%) and more than 10 thousand tons of cobalt (0.03%).

However, the beginning of mining operations

On these ore occurrences can cause

Irreparable damage to Khopersky

Reserve, which served as a catalyst

Public discontent. Activists,

Protection of the environment, even

Submitted to the appropriate authorities

Package of documents for obtaining permission

To hold a referendum on

Development of nickel deposits in

Voronezh region. However, local

The election commission of the initiators

The event rejected.

7 May 2012
10 May 2012